15 Scrabble Words You Should Memorize

Vocabulary is what the game of Scrabble depends upon and if your vocabulary is bad then you won’t be able to find a way to win the game for yourself and even if your vocabulary is good, you need to memorize some important and essentials words that can help you in difficult situations and take out your opponent by a surprise because he hadn’t expected these from you. Below are 15 Scrabble Words You Should Memorize that can not only be great for opening plays but can also help you get out of tricky situations.

1. ZA:

While many may disagree and say that there is no way this is a legitimate word but it actually is. ZA is a part of the Official Tournament and Club Word List. ZA packs an incredible punch, Z is the highest-scoring tile and along with A, you can earn at least 11 points and if you hit a triple letter square then you can easily score 31 points. Not bad for a two-letter word!


MUZJIKS is a word for Russian Peasants and in Scrabble, this work can be of the most value, especially when playing it for opening play. All opening plays score a double word and when you put “Z” on a double letter square then you get a score of 78 and add the 50 points for the BINGO and that makes a total of 128 points, which isn’t bad, I guess!


Yes, AERIE is an official word that is used for an eagle’s nest located on a cliff or some other high location. While this word may not be able to bag big points for you, only five points but it can still help you to get rid of four vowels at once. Instead of losing your turn and exchanging your tiles, you can just play this word.


CAZIQUES is a word dating back to native Indians who used this word to describe their chiefs. This word has the highest single word score record in Scrabble when Dr. Karl Khoshnaw in 1982 played this word for a total score of 392 by playing this word across two triple-word squares.


FAQIR is referred to as a Sufi Muslim living a poor life. This word contains the worst letter in Scrabble and that is the letter Q. So, if you happen to land Q then feel free to use the word FAQIR to get rid of it.

Q words usually come with a U and it is hard to find a U along with a Q so, it is better to learn some Q without U words. FAQIR will be able to land you easily 17 points along with getting rid of the letter Q.


QUIXOTRY is a word that means a visionary scheme, action, or thought and is derived from the fictional character, Don Quixote.

QUIXOTRY can score you a normal score of 35 and when played it correctly, it can score you as high as 365 which has been done previously. Cresta, a carpenter who stretched this word between two triple word squares with a double letter square under the letter “X” which gave a total score of 315 and put the 50 bonus points for using all the seven letters and you get 365 points.


JOUSTED is a word that refers to engage in a sporting contest in which two opponents on horseback fight with lances. This word can be used for opening the play, placing the letter “J” on the double letter squad for an initial score of 23 which when doubled adds up to 46 and with the 50 bonus points for using all the seven tiles, get a good score of 96 on just one turn.

8. ZAX:

ZAX is evolved from the word SAX and is used for a small axe used for cutting roof slates, with a point for making nail holes. In Scrabble, this word can not only give you a decent score of 19 but also help get rid of two liabilities, i.e Z and X. If you get to hit a double or triple letter square then you can take full advantage of this word.


CHUTZPAH can have two meanings, either extreme self-confidence or shameless impudence. In Scrabble, you can score 27 points off this word anywhere on the board but when placed correctly, you can score much, much higher than this.

Placing the word into the upper right or lower right corner, going across will let you score as many as 383 points. The letter “Z” gets to be placed on the double letter square and you also get to hit two triple word squares which can give you a whopping score of 383 points and add 50 for the BINGO and you get a glorifying score of 383.

10. XI:

XI is a Greek Alphabet and 14th letter to be precise. In Scrabble, it is useable and it can help you get rid of the Letter “X” from the rack. You wouldn’t want to be left with the letter X at the end of the game to get 8 points subtracted from your final score. Pair it up with an I and you will not only get rid of the letter X but also score nine points while doing so.

11. WAGYU:

WAGYU is a Japanese breed of beef Cattle. In Scrabble, it can be used in all parts of the world except for North America. If you are left with a combination of AYWUG or WGAYU then you may start to think that there is not a possible combination to combine these words but there is. You can score at least 12 points with WAGYU and pair it up with double letter squares and you can score even more.


When you are short on vowels then this might be the word to go. ZYMURGY refers to branch chemistry that is concerned with fermentation, such as in beer brewing.

It can be a good choice to start the open play by putting the letter Z on a double letter square and add the additional 50 points for using all seven tiles and you will have a score of 120. Not bad!


BEZIQUE is a trick-taking card game for two players. In Scrabble, BEZIQUE can score you 27 points when playing it anywhere on the board but when playing it right, the score can be much higher. Playing this word on the opening play and placing the letter “Q” on a double letter square will earn you 74 points with 50 bonus points for BINGO, making a total of 124 points.


FLAPJACK is another word for Pancake in America while in Britain it is used for chewy sweet made from oats. In Scrabble, this word can score you tremendous points if you play it right. Playing FLAPJACK anywhere on the board will get you 26 points but stretching it between two triple word squares and along with the BINGO bonus, you will end up with a final score of 356.

15. QANAT:

QANAT is a word used for tunnels used in arid regions for irrigation. In Scrabble, QANAT can not only help you get rid of the letter Q without having any U but it can also clear most of your rack and with the cleaning process, you get 15 points by doing so.