3 Reasons Why You Should Play Scrabble Online

During this pandemic of COVID-19, it is important that everyone maintain social distancing and avoid physical interaction with each other as much as possible. However, while maintaining social distancing, people get bored inside their homes and they are not sure what to do with all that free time that they have, they cannot go outside. In these instances, online games can be your next partner for a couple of weeks and if you are a Scrabble lover then there is no issue with playing Scrabble online with your friends.

While many may disagree about the idea of playing Scrabble online, saying it is not that much fun as it is in real life, but it depends on you, you can make it fun for yourself and also for the person that you are playing with. You can set up a game and get on a video call, in this way not only can you play the game but also talk and chat with the person that you are playing with.

1. Fun to Play from Home when you cannot go outside

It is fun to play games from your home when you are not able to go out. You can have the fun that you want without having to leave your home. Playing a game of Scrabble is always fun and whether you are playing it in person or playing it online, you always enjoy playing it. So, when you cannot go outside or leave your home, or the person is far away from your then you can get him on a video call and start playing scrabble online, right from your home.

This can not only kill your boredom but also the chitchat and competition with your friend will make it a nice time and you won’t see the difference in playing the game online or in person.

2. You can practice your Scrabble Skills

You can practice your Scrabble skills by playing against the computer, online. If you are new at Scrabble and are having a hard time winning a game of Scrabble then perhaps you need more practice and what better way to practice your skills than by playing against the computer. You can start a game of Scrabble against the computer with the difficulty level set to Beginner and then gradually increasing the difficulty as you see an improvement in your gameplay.

In this way, you will be able to get all that practice that you need to win a game of scrabble against friends or family members and you will get all this without having to lose any game in front of anyone.

3. Your Vocabulary is improved

When playing scrabble in real life then you cannot use a dictionary to help you find new word combinations, however, when you are playing scrabble online then you can take the help of Scrabble Word Finders that will help you find new combinations of the tiles that you have available. The words that the Word Finder generates are valid words from the dictionary and while using those words in an online game of scrabble, you kind of memorize those new combinations of words and when you will play Scrabble in person then you can apply those combinations and score high points!