5 Beginner Mistakes Scrabble Players Make

Scrabble is an easy, fun, exciting, and rewarding game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. When someone understands the basics of Scrabble and how it is played then they think that this game is relatively simple and all they have to do is make different combinations of words to score big.

However, that isn’t the case. It can be said for any game that when beginners get a hold of the game then they just aren’t familiar with how things can work if they think out of the box. They just make silly mistakes which results in them losing the game.

The same is the case with Scrabble, beginners while playing the game can make several mistakes that can cost them their game. If you are new to the game of Scrabble then you should think about avoiding those mistakes. Here are the commonest 5 Beginner Mistakes Scrabble Players Make:

1. Playing the first word that they see:

When someone is introduced to the game of scrabble then the only thing that they remember is to make different combinations of words and inexperienced players always make this mistake, they play the first word that they see.

Instead of analyzing the board and looking for any other combinations, or forming any prefixes or suffixes that can also help them in the game onward, they just play the first word that they see which is a rookie mistake and should always be avoided.

Have a look at the tiles on the hand to see what other words can you make, look to make prefixes or suffixes, or see if there is an already placed word on the board and you can add some tiles to it to score even more points.

2. Playing the word that scores the most points:

Another mistake that the beginners make is that they simply go for the combination of tiles that gives the highest points. Yes, it might be a good move but in some cases.

When playing such a word, it can not only leave you with tiles that can make no possible combinations such as consonants or vowels only but it can also be sabotaged and create an opening for your opponents to score even more from that word.

When trying to think that what word to play then not only think about the score of the word but also how it can affect the words already present on the board and how your opponent can take advantage of the tiles that you place on the board. The best move isn’t the one that gives you the most points but the one that gives you good points and also leaves no space for your opponent to score from that.

3. Carelessly using the tiles

This is what you learn after experience and playing the game for a while. Beginners aren’t familiar with what tiles are best in the game and what are worst in the game.

They just simply dish out the tiles without knowing the value and importance of the tiles.

Valuable Tiles:

Two of the best tiles in the game are; the S tile and the blank tile.

These two tiles are simply the best tiles in the game and there are reasons behind why they are considered the most valuable tiles. The S tile is considered one of the best as it can easily fit at the end of most verbs and nouns, and can turn an already existing word into a higher scoring word for yourself.

The blank tile can be used as any letter you want to, so there is nothing to explain how valuable this tile is.

There are only two blank tiles and four S tiles so, they are quite rare and shouldn’t be played unless these tiles can rack up high points for you.

Invaluable Tile:

The most useless and dreaded tile in the game is the Q tile. The reason behind it is that the letter Q appears in only a few words only and it is hard to find a full combination of tiles that make a word that involves the letter Q.

So, when you are playing scrabble then always make sure that what tile that you hold on and what tiles you let go. Holding onto useless tiles is just like holding onto a liability.

4. Never Exchange their Tiles:

The rules of Scrabble are that players can exchange all or some of their tiles in exchange for their turn. They lose their turn but are allowed to exchange their tiles.

Most players are afraid of exchanging because they lose their turn and are unable to score any points on that turn but sometimes exchanging your tiles is the best choice.

What beginners do is that they never exchange their tiles, instead, they just play with the tiles that they have and this can be a stupid move. For example, if you all the vowels on the hand then you can only score minimal points with those tiles. A wise thing to do would be to exchange those vowels for a fresh stack of tiles to get a fresh start.

5. Fishing out for specific words

While playing scrabble, the feeling can be excruciating and itchy when you have all the letters except one letter and you fall off from a high scoring word.

As alluring as it may sound, it is not always a good option to fish out for specific words because while fishing you may miss out on a couple of other words too.

There would be a high chance that you won’t be getting that missing letter soon and it is simply just not viable to fish out for specific words. This is a common mistake made by beginners and should be avoided.