5 Scrabble Books You Should Read To Improve Your Skills

Scrabble is a game that may seem easier because all you have to do is just combine different letters to make words. The person with the highest score at the end of the game wins the game, however, it isn’t that simple as it seems.

You need to have good strategy and tactics in order to tackle top players and win against them. You need to have a lot of practice and experience, otherwise, you won’t be able to compete against the top players but along with that, you also need to have some guidance, some books that can help you better understand how you can easily win Scrabble games.

There are several Scrabble Books available that you can read which will help you with your skills and how you can easily win the games. Here are 5 Scrabble Books You Should Read To Improve Your Skills:

1. Scrabble Dictionary


If you play Scrabble then you need to have the Scrabble Players Dictionary. This is considered a necessity by many players if you are playing Scrabble because it contains more than 100,000 playable two- to eight-letter words including the words that you haven’t heard before.

If your vocabulary isn’t good then it should be your go-to option, with this book containing all the words that are playable in Scrabble.

2. The Official Scrabble Word-Finder
by Robert W. Schachner

Scrabble Word Finders such as the one found on this website, lets you easily find the highest-scoring word in the shortest amount of time. There is also a Word Finder in the form of a book by Robert W. Schachner that contains the list of all the accepted words and through this, players can find the best possible combinations in the shortest amount of time.

3. Everything Scrabble: Fourth Edition
By Joe Edley

This is the third edition of the popular Scrabble book, Everything Scrabble. It contains all the tactics, strategies, and guides on how you can win Scrabble about 90% of the time. This is the revised version that contains new strategies, new guides, and new words that help you win Scrabble games easily.

4. Is That a Word?: From AA to ZZZ
By David Bukszpan

While expressions such as Brrr are playable and officially accepted words in Scrabble but what about common everyday things and words, are they also accepted and can be played in Scrabble? Well, you can find it from the book Is That a Word? that not only provides accurate information about all different kinds of things and words, whether they are accepted in Scrabble or not but also gives the best tips to improve your gameplay, strategies, facts, and much more, all in a single book.

5. How to Play Scrabble Like a Champion
By Joel Wapnick

Some people might think that word knowledge is the sole thing that a person should have, while, it cannot be denied that word knowledge is of top-most importance and shouldn’t be ignored but even more important is your approach to the game and that all is explained well in this book, How to Play Scrabble Like a Champion.

This book contains all the things that you need, from the basics of how to play Scrabble to how you can play Scrabble like a champion along with detailed analysis and how you should approach the game in different parts of the game, you will find everything in this book.