5 Scrabble Tips Recommended By World Scrabble Champions

To become a champion you gotta have that mindset, that thinking, and those tactics that can help you become a champion, you gotta develop all these. When you aim at becoming a champion then you should know one thing, “Champions train, losers complain”

You have to train and work hard, train yourself for hard, challenging situations, and how you can find a way out for yourself in those situations.

If you want to become a Champion in Scrabble and become a good player then there are somethings that you must know, that even the World Champions recommend themselves. Here are 5 Scrabble Tips by  World Scrabble Champions, who know how to win a game of Scrabble for yourself:

1. Focus on your own potential:

This is one of the tips that is given by most professional Scrabble players. When players are playing Scrabble at a professional level then they undervalue themselves and start to think about their opponents. Instead of focusing on their next move and how they can maximize their score, they start to think about their opponent’s next possible move and in this way, they just stop focusing on themselves. If you have made your way to this stage then it means that you have got that potential inside yourself, so, stop worrying and focus.

2. Value the Blank Tile:

You only get two blank tiles in a game of Scrabble and if you happen to land one for yourself then value it as it can be used for any tile you want to. Always remember that a Blank tile is worth 50 points i.e a BINGO. Don’t squander and waste your Blank tile for a mere 15-20 points when you can use it to score even higher.

Blank tiles have the most value of all the tiles and when you play it right then you will be able to score hefty points for yourself along with a 50 points BINGO bonus.

3. Take benefit from the TWOs:

While most people may think of two-letter words as useless and low scoring moves, they can help you if you play them right. Two-letter words are one of the most important tricks that you can have up yourself and easily surprise your opponent.

One of the two-letter words, QI can be worth more than 60 points if you play it on a triple letter score in both directions. So, yeah two-letter words can be worth more than you might think off and it is a strategic move to play two-letter words when you have something bigger coming up your sleeve.

4. Don’t hoard the Qs:

You know which tile is the worst tile in the game, the letter Q and there are reasons why this tile is the worst in the game. In the English Dictionary, there aren’t many words that contain the letter Q without having the letter U. So, unless you get a U tile, you are stuck with the Q and it can get in the rest of your game.

It is not a good idea to hoard the Qs and even you somehow get one, you should be prepared for that and learn some Q without U words such as QAT, QADI, QAID, etc. These words can be lifesavers and can not only score decent points but also help you get rid of the Q.

5. Never Give Up!

Last but not the least, you shouldn’t give up no matter what the circumstances may be. World Scrabble Champion, Brett Smitheram says that he was 176 points behind in the 2nd game of the World Championship Final, and with just 6 moves to go, he made a comeback and came from down as many as 176 points and won the game.

He won the game and made a difficult situation in his favor that’s because he never gave up and never doubted his abilities. That’s what you should do, believe in yourself, and never give up!