5 Unexpected Reasons Why You Should Play Scrabble Daily

Playing a game of Scrabble with your friends or family is always fun but apart from the obvious reasons of enjoyment and fun, what other reasons are there to play this classic word game? Well, there are different unexpected and unobvious reasons why you should be playing Scrabble daily and how it could help you in different aspects of life, some of these reasons are mentioned below:

1. Mental Exercise

Playing Scrabble is good for your mental health and is a mental exercise for your brain. It is a classical word game that involves the use of your memory, strategy, and tactics, and also your focusing ability.

When you use all of these skills while playing Scrabble then your mental power is improved. Just as physical exercise is necessary, mental exercise is also necessary, and what another way to have fun and keep your mind sharp and agile by playing Scrabble.

2. Improves your Vocabulary

Playing a game of Scrabble can help improve our Vocabulary. While playing Scrabble, our main focus is on words and it teaches us new words that we weren’t familiar with before. Scrabble can be a great way for young kids to have their vocabulary enriched.

When anyone starts playing Scrabble and focuses on it then they will learn new words while at the same time enjoying and having fun at the same time.

3. Improves your Focus

Nowadays, Focus is required to live in this world, as the world runs at a very fast pace and it can be difficult for anyone to focus if they had issues with focusing before. Playing Scrabble teaches a person how to focus and improves the focus of a person.

You are forced to focus on the Scrabble board and see if you can somehow score additional points for yourself. This improves the focus of individuals and helps them to regain their lost focus in real-life situations too.

4. Teaches you Tactics and Strategy

Another reason why you should be playing Scrabble is that it teaches your Tactics and Strategy in an amazing way. Although the game is concerned with words only, it also teaches you strategy somehow.

While playing Scrabble, you have to think smart about where you place the letters, and how you can score double or triple points. Even more important than this is that you will have to focus on the board and see if you can score points by the words that are already placed there or what options you leave for your opponents.

An excellent move isn’t the one that gives you the most points but is the one that gives you decent points and leaves no opportunity for your opponents to score from those letters.

5. Competition

While you may have not anticipated this, but Scrabble is one of the highly competitive games. Where else can you beat your friends and relatives in a highly competitive and fun way? If you are new to Scrabble then you can practice your skills digitally and then compete with them in real life.