How To Become a Scrabble Pro?

In some parts of the world, Scrabble may not be taken as a serious game but in many countries, it is considered an official sport and many players want to become Scrabble Pros and Master the game of Scrabble, which may sound easy for some people but is not.

Becoming a Scrabble Pro requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and strategy, all of which when combined give an individual the ability to master the game of Scrabble.

Here is how you can become a Scrabble Pro just by following some simple, yet effective tips:

Stay Focused:

This isn’t that much big of a tip but it is definitely a helpful one. While playing Scrabble, you need your mind and your eyes on the same page. Your mind should be active and be focused on the Scrabble board only. Analyze your next possible and the words that your opponent is playing. Take advantage of difficult situations and turn them into good scoring opportunities for yourself and that can only be done when you are focused on the game.


Everyone knows that, if your vocabulary is poor then you cannot excel in Scrabble no matter how good of a strategist you are. It is mandatory for Scrabble to live and die by their vocabulary, they win through their vocabulary and they also lose through it. “He who dies by the sword, he dies by it”

If your vocabulary is weak then there is no way you can excel at Scrabble. To excel and exceed at Scrabble, you need to have a good vocabulary, otherwise, it is a No-No!

Lexical Flexibility:

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. It is important what you leave on your than what you put on the board because you might play a word that might leave you with tiles that aren’t playable in the next move.

So, being flexible is what most pros do. They don’t gamble everything on just one move only instead they might play a small word on one move and on the next move they might even score a BINGO.

To excel in Scrabble, you must manage how you play your tiles and manage a balance between each move. You must not only score good for a turn but also leave some tiles for the next move and along with that, leave no opportunity for your opponents. You have to be smarter than your opponents.

Having a Broad Vision:

Having a Broad Vision means that take advantage of every opportunity there is. You must have learned a couple of thousand high-scoring words but in the situation that you found yourself, you gotta recall those words, use the letters that you have on the rack, and also those on the board along with taking the advantage of double and triple-letter squares.

To play Scrabble like a Pro, you need to have a Broad Vision and it doesn’t stop with your own letters. You have to take advantage of your opponents and sabotage their words. When you start playing with a Broad Vision, you found your game to be naturally improving and you can take it to the next level just by analyzing your mistakes and gameplay.

Learning Vague, Gibber Words:

Yes, it is true that you cannot exceed at Scrabble without an excellent Vocabulary but what about those vague words that may not mean anything to you but are Scrabble-legal.

These words can be a deciding factor when the game is in its deciding phase and you can easily take advantage of your opponents who are not familiar with such words and easily hand yourself a win! Such words include OOGONIUM, QANAT, SIBILATE, CWM. BRR, SYZYGY, etc.