Scrabble Tips and Tricks: How To Win At Scrabble Game?

Scrabble is a fun and challenging game that can sometimes take you off your toes and when that happens you need to know the tips and tricks that can help you to win. Winning at Scrabble can be hard especially against experienced and competitive players but you can easily get your way around with some tips and tricks that can help you win at Scrabble.

1. Learning two and three-letter words:

To win a game of Scrabble, you should learn different two and three-letter words because these words can not boost your points but can also be played when you are tanking up for a specific word or you don’t have any other word to play. In such instances, two and three-letter words are really helpful and can even be game-deciding.

2. Cleverly using the letter “S”:

The letter S has an advantage over all the tiles, it can be placed at the end of an already existing word and the word will be pluralized. By adding the letter S at the end of a word, you create a new word and score even more points but do remember that there are only 4 S tiles in the game. So, if you happen to land one then use it wisely and the word should score you more than 10 points, anything less than 10 points is kind of a waste for letter S.

3. Take advantage of the hooks:

Hooks are single letters that you can add to the start or end of a pre-existing word and turn that into a new word. Examples include the addition of “g” to the start of “host” to turn it into a new word, “ghost,” and the addition of “t” at the end of the word “come” to turn it into a new word, “comet.”

4. Take advantage of the double and triple letter score tiles aka the “Hotspots”:

Before you start the game, you should plan the game and take advantage of the bonus squares. Double and triple letter score squares can boost your score and make you score twice or thrice that of what you would have scored normally.

5. Learning Q words:

In the game of Scrabble, the letter “Q” and “Z” have the highest score, with each tile having a value of 10 points. The problem with the letter Q is that it usually comes with the letter U and there are only four tiles of letter U in the game and they are likely to be used in combinations with other words.

You shouldn’t consider getting the letter Q a liability or hindrance, but instead, you should take advantage of your situation and learn Q words without the letter U. These words can be beneficial and take out your opponents by a surprise. Examples of such Q words without U include qadi, qat, qintar, qwerty, faqir, etc.

6. Looking out for BINGOs:

In the game of Scrabble, you get a BINGO when you combine all seven tiles to make one word, this not only ensures that you are scoring hefty points off the word but you also get a bonus of 50 points. So, when you’re just a tile away from scoring a BINGO then it is better if you use that superfluous letter or exchange it instead of giving up an opportunity to score a BINGO.

7. Take advantage of Blank Tiles:

You get only two blank tiles or wildcards in a game of scrabble and if you happen to land one of them then make sure that you use this tile to its full potential.

The best way to use a blank tile is to use it to score a BINGO. Not only you get the points off the word but you also get 50 bonus points and who wouldn’t want bonus points?