Enter your crossword puzzle clues and our solver will help you find answers from our online dictionary.

How to Use Crossword Solver?

Crossword Solver is a useful tool to solve crossword puzzles. When you are unable to make sense of the clues and unable to find the correct word then Crossword Solver is there to rescue you.

Using Crossword Solver is easy and simple. You have to enter the clues in the search box, click on Find Answers and the tool will do the rest for you. It will show you all the possible matching answers for the clues along with the probability of that answer being the correct one.

It is as simple as that. Unlike other tools which involve many complexities, this tool doesn’t. It is as simple to use this tool as it sounds like. Just enter the clues and let the tool do the rest for you.

Here is the breakdown of using the Crossword Solver:

Enter the Clues:

Entering the clues is the first thing that you need to do. Just enter the clues in the search bar and click on Find Answers.

Finding the Answers:

When you enter the clues and click on Find Answers and the tool will show all the possible answers for the clues that you entered but that isn’t all that. Along with the answers, you will find the Confidence percentage or the probability of the answer matching to the clues and being correct.

Newspapers With Free Online Crossword Puzzles

New York Times Crossword: This is the world’s most famous crossword puzzle and the difficulty of the puzzles varies with each day of the week, with the easiest on Monday and the hardest on Monday.

Sunday involves a special, usually themed, iconic puzzle with modern difficulty.

USA Today Crossword: You can also find free exciting crossword puzzle in the USA Today along with other games such as Mahjong, Sudoku, etc.

LA Times Crossword: These free Crosswords are a part of the daily newspaper.

Washington Post Crossword: They have daily crosswords that are free and fun to play. Along with that, they have a themed Monthly Meta Crossword, issued every month.

Wall-Street Journal Crossword: These are “America’s most elegant and addictive crosswords. Usually, they are quite difficult and hard to figure.

Best Crossword Apps

Crosswords With Friends: It is similar to the popular online word game, Words With Friends but it involves a Crossword puzzle instead.

Word Crossy: It is an online Crossword puzzle game that gets more exciting with coin collection and competition.

One Clue Crossword: This is an exciting and difficult crossword game where you have to figure out the answers based on one clue which is usually a picture.

Word’s Biggest Crossword: One of the most popular crossword app that involve a huge collection of crossword puzzles.

Shortyz Crosswords: A crossword collection game where you can choose and play crosswords from all the popular newspapers.


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