Words With Friends Cheat

Words with Friends Cheat help you win every game by finding all playable words from the dictionary.

Advance Search

Words With Friends is an online multiplayer word game developed by Zynga. It is a crossword-puzzle style game, similar to the popular board game, Scrabble and most of the rules of the two games are similar but still, Words With Friends is not the same as Scrabble and is not associated with Scrabble.

It is an exciting word game that you can play online with your friends. At a time, a user can participate in 40 games simultaneously and get notified when it is their turn. The game was initially released back in 2009 and is available for cross-platform play on different operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and along with these Operating Systems, it is also available on Facebook, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet.

Words With Friends became one of the top-ranked games on the Apple App Store and in May 2017, it became the most popular mobile game in the United States. Later in 2017, a sequel to the original game, Words With Friends 2 was released.

How to use Words With Friends Cheat?

Words With Friends Cheat is a tool that you can use to crush your friends in the popular online word game, Words With Friends. If you are looking for just a little help with some tricky tiles or need help with crushing your friends, Words With Friends Cheat has got you covered. WWF Cheat is an advanced tool that provides a list of all the playable and legal words from the letter tiles that you had typed, getting them straight from the Words With Friends Dictionary.

Words With Friends Cheat involve the user typing in the letter tiles that he currently has on the hand and clicking on the Search button. The Cheat tool then provides a list of all the playable and legal words from those letters that you had typed and all of the words are from the Words With Friends Dictionary.

Every time you search, the results are sorted by length and points of the words. But there is much more to this advanced tool and you should know how to use this cheat tool to its fullest. Let’s break down the usage of WWF Cheat Tool:

Choosing the Correct Dictionary:

Scrabble and Words With Friends share many similarities but both of the games aren’t similar and so aren’t their dictionaries. Each game has its own dictionary and when you are using the Cheat tool then make sure that you select the correct dictionary i.e Words With Friends Dictionary because the dictionaries and scoring systems of both the game are different and you wouldn’t want to mess up the game just by selecting the wrong dictionary.

Typing in the Letters:

The next step in using the WWF Cheat Tool is to type in the letter tiles that you have at the hand. The tool allows you to enter up to 20 letters and up to 3 wildcards. Make sure to type in the correct letters because the results will be based on the letters you enter.

Using the Advanced Search Feature:

The WWF Cheat Tool is both a simple and complex tool and it all depends on you that in what way you want to use it. Just beneath the search bar, you will find the Advanced Feature option that you can use to filter out the words depending on the letter that words start with, the letter that the words end with, the number of the letters that words should consist of, and the order of the letters in the words.

For instance, you may be looking for words starting with A, containing E, ending in ING and the length should be 8 letters long then you will end up with words such as ADHERING, ACCEDING, AGREEING.

Using the Advanced Search feature does make things complex but it also gives you the exact words that you are looking for.

Sort Out the Results:

After you type in the letters and use the advanced search parameters or not then the words will be shown to you. By default, the results are grouped based on word length such as all the 7-letter words tiger, 6-letter words together, and so on. Within these groups, you will find the words with the highest points on the top and then gradually moving down.

If you want then there is also an option to sort out the results based on total points instead of word length. There is also another option to add the bonus points 35 points when you play all the seven tiles.


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