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Jumble Solver is a word unscrambler tool that helps you with solving Jumbles and Anagrams.

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How to Use Jumble Solver?

Jumble is a word puzzle word with a clue in the form of an illustration and a set of words. Each of the words is jumbled and the solver has to re-arrange those letters at their exact position to construct a word that is the answer to the clue.

Most of the time you will have a clue to help you figure out the puzzle but other times, all you will have is some jumbled letters and you will have to re-arrange those letters at their specific positions to make a meaningful word.

Jumble Solver is a tool that can help you with all sorts of word games involving jumbles and anagrams such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Crosswords.

It is a like cheat tool that can help you with any combination of letters. It has an extensive database of all the possible word combinations and it uses that database to find and give all the possible combinations of the letters that you entered.

If you play any word games such as Jumble, Crosswords, Scramble, or Words With Friends daily then this tool might be very helpful to you. It can not help you when you are stuck with letters that you cannot make sense of but also use it as a learning tool to help you figure out different answers for difficulty scrambler/jumbled letters.

How does Jumble Solver work?

The way in which Jumble Solver works is really simple. You have to enter the jumbled/scrambled letters in the search box and the rest is up to the tool. It will tell you all the possible words/answers to those jumbled/scrambled letters.

Enter the Letters:

You have to enter the scrambled/jumbled letters in the search box. Up to 15 letters can be entered and you an use ? for blank That’s all you have to do, enter the letters and then let the tool do its job and find all possible combinations to make meaningful words out of those letters.

The Answers:

Once you enter the scrambler/jumbled letters and click on the search button, the tool will do the rest of the job for you and find out all the possible combinations of the words involving those exact letters. Not only will it find the words that contain the same exact letters but also other possible combinations involving the letters that you had type.

For instance, if you typed in six scrambled letters then the tool will not only find all the possible

Jumble Solver Examples:

Here is an example of Jumble Solver works. A person has six letters “ASRTER” which are scrambled and jumbled and don’t make any sense. Entering these words into the Jumble Solver will instantly unscramble these words and solve them:



At the top, you will see the words that contain exactly the same letters while in the rows below, you will see words with all possible combination of letters such as five letters, four letters, three letters, etc.




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